Grow Your Own Veg

There’s a lot of ways gardening or growing your own veg can have a positive impact on your life. From the physical benefits of being active regularly to the mental benefits of more contact time with nature as well watching a seedling develop into full sized plant. It’s honestly quite addictive seeing the progress and impressive seeing the amount of fruit a plant can produce (I still have some canned cucumbers from last summer).

Being around nature can reduce stress and there’s a Frontiers in Psychology study that states ‘natural scenes provide the perfect level of stimulation, which is thought to help recharge the brain when it is tired and easily distractible’.

There’s often less opportunity for people living in cities to get access to natural spaces, but using what space you have to grow your own veg is a great way to improve on this. So if you feel like you need a bit of a recharge, planting some seeds just might help.