Green House Builders

The gang was bored. They had spent enough days lounging around in the sun not doing a whole lot of anything. It’s time to make something, they decided.

Look at all these sheets of glass! Somebody must have left them.. still clean enough to see my reflection,

Hey! I have this shovel! I’m sure this could come in handy,

Oh that’s great! I’ve just spotted this in the skip across the street. There’s loads more and they’re all in great condition, who’d have thought!

We should probably take a break at some point.. tea anyone?

Look at this door.. I think this could be the finishing touch here.

The gang drank their tea and looked upon the greenhouse they had built,

The sun glinted off the panes of glass and the sturdy beams creaked calmly,

It was a physical representation of their hard work and seeing what they had made together felt great.