Electric Vehicle Charging

I was talking to someone getting ready to take their driving test who mentioned they were testing for an automatic license, so I asked how come not a manual? (that way being able to drive both). They said they’d mostly be driving electric cars which are all automatic.. wow ok fair enough, I said, I hadn’t thought about it that way.

Personally, while I do find it fun driving manual cars, things like chugging along then dropping down a gear to send it lol, the enjoyment factor is easily outweighed by the environmental damage caused by petrol / diesel cars.

As electric vehicle charging becomes more convenient (I’m already seeing a lot of residential charging posts and people charging from home) I can see EVs over taking petrol cars’ prominence on the road in the coming years, especially in cities.

A welcomed change as a recent report by the UK Climate Change Committee found a transition to EVs could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from cars & and vans by 55% by 2030.

It’ll be a shame to have less opportunities driving manual cars in the future but sustainable transport is definitely the higher priority. Plus, although I’m yet to drive an EV myself, I’ve heard they’re also very much sendable.